26 Sept 2023 Stock Analysis: Volatility and Potential Trends

26 Sept 2023 Stock Analysis: The Indian stock market experienced significant volatility, with the Nifty 50 closing at ₹19,664, mirroring yesterday’s flat performance at the closing bell. This consistency in closing is reminiscent of the previous day’s trend. In this update, we will delve into the latest market updates, including global market conditions. We will also discuss the upcoming market actions for tomorrow. Stay tuned for valuable insights from market analysts on the potential market movement for Wednesday.


26 Sept 2023 Stock Analysis Volatility and Potential Trends
26 Sept 2023 Stock Analysis Volatility and Potential Trends

Bank Nifty

Looking ahead to Bank Nifty’s expiry Today, we anticipate the possibility of an upward movement with a potential for a slight correction. HDFC Securities’ analyst suggested key levels, with ₹19,750 on the upside and ₹19,600 on the downside, showcasing stability around ₹19,620. This 150-point range has been observed over the past 3-4 days, influencing trading patterns. We invite your opinions and insights in the comments section.

Critical Update

A critical update concerns investors who have yet to update their nominee details for their demat accounts. The initial deadline set by SEBI was September 30th, which has now been extended to December 31, 2023. It’s essential to ensure your KYC updates and nominee information are up to date by liaising with your brokerage.

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Positive News

In positive news, JP Morgan‘s inclusion of Indian Bonds in their bond index could potentially lead to a significant inflow of around $25 billion into India. This development holds promise for the market, presenting opportunities for growth and stability.

The market’s attention is now on the upcoming HL IPO, indicating a possible positive impact on the city. A slight rebound in the defense and technology sectors was observed today, particularly among companies producing naval products. Market watchers are keeping an eye on crucial levels, such as 3900, which could trigger a notable market bounce.

In the financial sector, unlisted companies are gaining traction, showcasing substantial growth in revenue and net profit. These companies are catching the attention of Indian investors focusing on the equity market.

Shifting our focus to the global market, Dr. Jones witnessed a sharp gap down, followed by a gradual recovery in the last half-hour of trading. However, uncertainties persist, and a correction in the market is anticipated, possibly influenced by Bank Nifty’s impending expiry.

In the Indian market, key players like Infosys and HDFC Bank experienced declines, hinting at a potential market correction. The market is closely monitored for any downward trends, particularly as Bank Nifty’s expiry date approaches.

Analyzing Market

Analyzing Nifty 50‘s chart patterns and crucial levels, we observe significant support around 19,630 and 19,600, with resistance expected at 19,690 and 19,730. Bank Nifty’s expiry could impact Nifty’s trajectory, necessitating careful observation for potential market corrections.

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