Tata Power: Major Updates in Power Sector and Prominent Stocks

Today, we highlight key updates and significant shares, starting with the power sector.

Tata Power

Tata Power – Indian Utility Company

Tata Power Company Limited shares closed at approximately ₹260, showcasing a gain of 1.44% in the Indian market. In a positive development, Tata Power has joined hands with the Kolkata Airport Authority to facilitate the installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. This moves underscores Tata Power’s unique position in the private sector, focusing on EV charging infrastructure – a relatively unexplored area by major corporations. This collaboration signifies a promising direction for the company, presenting favorable updates post today’s market closure.

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Tata Power Major Updates in Power Sector and Prominent Stocks
Tata Power: Major Updates in Power Sector

26 September 2023 Share Market Updaters

Examining recent market trends, there was a modest correction observed recently, particularly in the first two days of this study week. The market displayed a slight upward momentum, reaching 270 to 275 levels, followed by a corrective phase. Despite this correction, the market remained relatively stable, not dipping significantly below 255.

Considering the historical resistance around ₹250, it’s advisable to gradually invest in Tata Power. Analyzing the 5-year chart pattern reveals persistent resistance levels ranging from Rs. 230 to Rs. 250. This stability implies that even during recent market falls, the stock has managed to maintain levels around 255.

In another investment perspective, Advance Lifesciences Limited, though a smaller scale company, has shown exceptional returns, boasting a 65% return in the past month and an astounding 250% return over the past year. The company plans to issue bonuses on October 3rd, making it an intriguing option for potential shareholders.

Additionally, the beverage industry is witnessing an uptick, with We Will, known for its soft drinks, experiencing a sudden surge in share prices, reaching an all-time high of ₹974.90. This surge is attributed to the upcoming festive season, historically associated with heightened sales for the company.

Recommended Portfolio Stock

Looking at Bajaj Finance Limited, a highly recommended portfolio stock, recent reports suggest a potential target price of ₹9500, indicating a 21% upside. The company’s strong financial position and steady growth make it an attractive investment option.


In conclusion, the market is presenting various investment opportunities, each with its unique dynamics and potential for growth. As always, thorough research and careful consideration should guide investment decisions, aligning with individual risk tolerance and investment objectives. Stay informed and invest wisely.

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