SMC Global Partners with Ujjivan SFB to Offer 3-in-1 Accounts for Penny Stocks under Rs 100 to 76 Lakh Customers

SMC Global Securities Limited (SMC) has joined hands with Ujjivan Small Finance Bank (Ujjivan SFB) to expand online trading services to the bank’s large customer base. The collaboration aims to provide a seamless trading experience by offering savings, Demat and trading accounts.

government job sector
government job sector

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank (Ujjivan SFB)

SMC Global Securities Limited has announced a strategic partnership with Ujjivan Small Finance Bank (Ujjivan SFB) to provide online trading services.

The partnership is focused on offering savings, demat and trading accounts to Ujjivan SFB’s vast customer base, comprising over 76 lakh customers.

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SMC Global will manage trading and demat accounts for Ujjivan SFB’s customers, enhancing their overall trading experience.

This collaboration provides an opportunity for SMC Global to expand its client base through Ujjivan SFB’s extensive pan-India presence.

Existing Ujjivan SFB customers can easily open a demat account through the Ujjivan SFB mobile banking app.

About SMC Global Securities Limited

SMC Global Securities Limited (SMC) is a well-established financial services company established in 1994, primarily engaged in stock broking.

Apart from stock broking, SMC offers various financial services such as trading, arbitrage, debt market operations, deposit services, financial services distribution and research support services.

SMC Global has a diversified business model and a market capitalization of over Rs 800 crore.

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About Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited is a customer-centric bank in India, focusing on financially underserved segments and aiming to promote financial inclusion.

It started its journey in 2005 as a non-banking financial company, Ujjivan Financial Services Limited, with the objective of providing financial services to the economically active poor.

The company has a market capitalization of Rs 9,740 crore.

Ujjivan SFB Stock performance

On Tuesday, the stock price of Ujjivan SFB increased by 0.97% to Rs 49.80 per share, showing a positive trend.

Contemporaneously, SMC Global Securities Ltd. saw a 0.49% increase in its stock price, which touched Rs 79.51 per share.

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Investor Warning

Investors are advised to monitor these penny stocks priced below Rs.100.
Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice.

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