Trump branded "Donald Duck" for dodging debate

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie called Donald Trump "Donald Duck" for skipping the second GOP presidential debate.

Christie's nickname mocked online

Christie's nickname for Trump was mocked online by many people, including former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and Daily Beast reporter Justin Baragon.

Christie doubles down on nickname

Despite the online mockery, Christie doubled down on his nickname for Trump, with his campaign tweeting a Donald Duck gif.

Christie's awkward face becomes a meme

Multiple people compared Christie's awkward face after making his nickname jab to a popular meme featuring comedian shrugging.

Water activist says nickname is insulting to Donald Duck

Flint-based water activist Mari Copeny said that the nickname "Donald Duck" wasn't an insult to Donald Trump, but to Donald Duck himself.

DeSantis attacks Trump for not attending debate

Florida governor Ron DeSantis also attacked Trump for not attending the debate, saying that he was "missing in action" and that he owed it to the people to defend his record.

Christie says Trump is hiding behind the walls of his golf clubs

Christie also said that Trump was "hiding behind the walls of his golf clubs" and that he should be in the room to answer questions about the debt.

Republican candidates attack Trump during debate

Multiple Republican candidates attacked Trump during the debate, calling him a coward for dodging the debate and for his record on the debt.